13 Nov 2009

Bonzai UK Meets The Gallery

Bonzai UK Meets The Gallery
1 CD, 1 Mix
Mixed By: Darren Christian
Released: 2000

Progressive trance, not trancecore, but I didn't want to make another label just for the odd CD.

CD - 63m

01 Planisphere - Deep Blue Dream
02 Oudja - Never Tell What You Think
03 Indoctrinate - Feeling You
04 Push - Universal Nation (Flange & Swain Original Remix)
05 Airwave - Above The Sky
06 Moon Project - Housebuilder '99 (Yves Deruyter Remix)
07 Oudja - Never Tell What You Think (Pulsedriver Remix)
08 Velvet Girl - Summertime (Chiba Remix)
09 Plastic Boy - Twixt (Mea Culpa Remix)
10 Indoctrinate - Feeling You (Durango 95's Hot & Cold Mix)

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  1. oh my. i remember being at the party at the gallery for this cd. still 200 people left at 8am in the morning. felt like the whole crowd was a foot off the floor. my cd is back in some attic in england and i now live in asia. i'm so happy i found this. thank you so much

  2. Sprinter - ChokeLine (170BPM)

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