27 Nov 2009

Blogger DMCA takedown notification

As I said at the start, these CDs are out of print (well, I figure if Amazon doesn't stock them anymore they must be) but I've received 2 takedown notices for "We Call It Acieed" and "The Very Best Euphoric Old Skool Breakdown". Both are available from marketplace sellers on Amazon. You can pay more for a used copy than I paid for them new, or if you want a new copy, you can pay anything up to £64 ($105).

I said in my sidebar, any copyright holders could get in touch if they wanted me to take down a mix but they didn't. They went through the Blogger DMCA process and the requests have still to appear on www.chillingeffects.org so I still don't know the details. As the CDs are released by different labels, my concern is a record company representing one of the artists featured in the mixes has decided if people hear a minute or two of song mixed in with other songs and like it, they would rather listen to a snippet of it on one of these mixes than go and buy the original. Fucked up, I know, but this is the music industry we're dealing with.

Another possibility is these CDs are available as legal downloads somewhere. Maybe when the takedown notices show up on Chilling Effects they'll shed some light on it. If so, I'll post the links where you can buy them, as long as they're not charging near-CD prices for low bit-rate mp3s, which unfortunately is the norm. Hardly an effective alternative to higher quality free versions available on the web.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Warner and Sony BMG got in touch with Blogger at the same time, but I doubt it.


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