11 Jan 2010

Hectic Records "Chapter One"

Hectic Records "Chapter One"
1 CD, 1 Mix
Mixed by: Dougal
Released: 1995

CD - 30m 37s
01 Ramos & Supreme - The Journey
02 Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Sunshine
03 Vinyl Groover & Ramos - Phantasm
04 Druid & Vinyl Groover - Kounter Attack
05 Eye On Life - Pumpin' It Up
06 Druid & Vinyl Groover - Choirs Of Heaven
07 Ramo, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Crowd Control
08 Sy & Unknown - Are You Ready

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  1. Hey i'm looking for the unmixed CD of this album if you have it? I need 192kbs or higher as its for djing. I had all this stuff on vinyl but my house was robbed in 2000 and they took the lot!! Also if you got 'Mad on Hardcore' that's another album i'm after. If you can help that would be great :)




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